Humanity Certified is envisioned as harmonizing with numerous other worthy certification and certifying bodies, including to help define a unifying certification congress, body and standards platform.  The Global Association & Coalition for Humanity includes Founding Members, Advisors, Donors, Supporters and more with extensive teaming including major leaders from local, state, national and international levels, in both the private sector and public, governmental and philanthropic areas.  This includes organizations like the UN, U.S. Congress, the White House, U.S. Supreme Court, Department of Justice, British Parliament, World Bank, IMF, the Kremlin, China's Politburo Central Committee and countless others.  Representative private sector teaming includes a who's who of leading Global 2000, among more including leading trade groups all across society, from unions to business, education, energy, finance, policy, defense, tech, healthcare and more.


Some examples of Global Association & Coalition for Humanity Founding Members and Founding Charter Members, Team, Supporters, Donors, Volunteers and others aboard or in process include but are not limited to:


  1. Concerned and Caring Citizens doing their part making a difference, every day

  2. Serial Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Volunteers Advancing Many Good Causes

  3. Current and former high officials and executives from industry and government

  4. Educators impassioned to help our youth inherit a better world with better tools

  5. Engineers, doctors and lawyers driven to help their children’s children’s world

  6. Scientists, researchers, analysts, technologists and  entrepreneurs who care

  7. Finance, healthcare, energy, media and entertainment professionals who care

  8. Top Finance Executives and Fund Managers with over $500B AUM experience

  9. Concerned and Caring Citizens doing their part making a difference, every day


Some examples of the work of what Global Association & Coalition for Humanity team, advisors and key supporters and donors advancing the cause have done or are doing now:


(And/ Or Hosted or Co-Hosted “VIP Tours, Forums, Roundtables & Calls” including),


  • A former Board Member of Google

  • A Chair and CEO of a Major Global Biotech Leader Fighting Cancer

  • The Chair of Apple

  • Founder and Chair Emeritus of VISA

  • Top Executive and Fund Manager from Blackrock, including Oversight of $500B+

  • The “Co-Father” of the Internet

  • A Leading Philanthropist and former Vice Chair of Walmart

  • Then and Former Secretaries of State, from the State level to U.S.

  • International Healthcare Exchange including with the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Helping Save a New England Journal of Medicine Cover Story Stroke Therapy

  • Advancing an Innovative Solution Set to Stem the Epidemic Tide of Youth Athletics Injuries

  • Advancing an Innovative, Proven Solution Improving Education & Opportunity for At Risk Kids

  • Advancing Promising Diagnostics & Therapies Helping Save Lives & Improve Outcomes

  • Provide Oversight, Governance & Counsel for Large Publicly-Traded Leaders

  • Provide Oversight & Governance for a Top Five Leading Government Pension Fund

  • Drive US Supreme Court Decisions “for humanity”, with one studied by law students

  • Closed Door Washington, DC Roundtable Helping Those Gathered Impact US Policy

  • Helping Save Lives in Emergency Situations, including Placing the “Good Sam” Lifesaver at Risk

  • Helping Save Many Deserving Entrepreneurs, Their Companies, Families & Dreams from Failure

  • Helping Save Marriages, Families & Children

  • Helping “the Needy or Defenseless” Prevail in All Manner of Settings




Sign Up Now as a Founding Charter Member and Receive Priority Access to:


  • Propose Your Humanity Certified Program Standards and Process Working Group Committee Membership.  Alternatively, you can instead nominate another for consideration.


  • Apply for whichever Humanity Certified program you qualify for.  There will be individual “Caring Citizen and Consumer” certifications, working and business professional certifications, as well as enterprise certifications enabling virtually every type of entity to become certified.  Given feedback to date, we anticipate a serious backlog.  So your priority access may be a big deal!


  • Your priority access as a Founding Charter Member places you "first in line" to apply for becoming Humanity Certified™.  Your application will also receive priority expediting on a "first come, first served" basis, for Founding Charter Members.


  • Apply as a Volunteer, Mentor, or Research: Team Member, Manager or Executive, or Education Fellow or other Qualifying Recipient of a targeted Growing Range of Education, Research, Study and Loan or Scholarship and Grant Programs for Humanity.


  • Planning Meetings, Special Events, Newsletters, Information Portals, plus Philanthropic, Humanity-Centric Exchange / Mission Work, both Domestic and International.


  • Be automatically nominated for consideration to become a Humanity Ambassador™.



Founding Charter Members can:


  • Nominate qualifying individuals and entities for grants or scholarship supported membership and other benefits.


  • Vote for Member Representative Board Candidates Globally, as well as “Board Proxies” on a wide range of important Board Level Decisions.


  • Propose initiatives for consideration of pursuit and support, globally.


  • Get to provide input to help define the Humanity Ambassador program.


  • Nominate and vote for Committee Membership defining the Ambassador program.


  • Are automatically nominated for consideration to be invited to become a Humanity Ambassador.



Humanity Ambassadors can:



  • To be determined including by Founding Charter Members per above.



Your monthly donation allows us to continue and expand our work.  The Founding Charter Membership Program helps the Global Association & Coalition for Humanity formalize our efforts far beyond our current areas and levels of focus and geographies. It also helps us recruit additional help, sponsor and support more deserving recipients of our work, plus recruit more members and donors.


We are impassioned to also build the highest levels of trust, best practices, governance and transparencies in all that we do. Humanity deserves nothing less!  We are building in appropriate processes during our formation stage to enable our aspiring to ongoing, exemplary levels of efficiencies, effectiveness and unsurpassed trust, including our targeting recognition by others as a model charitable non-profit association & coalition.  We want to set great examples for others everywhere, even if they don't join us.


Beneficiaries of your support include but are not limited to:


Institute of Applied Physiology & Medicine (501 c 3)

Institute for a Bright Future

AST Institute

Protocol Foundation (501 c 3) and their Sponsored Program: Patriots Health Fund Foundation

Seattle Science Foundation

Swedish Neuroscience Institute

Cuba Global Development Fund JV (in formation)

Humanity’s Accelerator Network™ Including Healthcare & Medical Device Innovator Efforts

Not-for-Profit Humanity Fund Manager Driving Investing for Humanity™ & Sustainable Inclusive Capitalism™

Global Medical Tourism Program Expanding Global Equity in Access to the Best Healthcare

Global Green Energy Initiative for Humanity, Leading with Proven Biofuels Technology


The above includes selected public private partnerships, like those between industry and leading publicly-funded research or educational institutions helping advance innovative solutions for humanity.



How do you become a Founding Charter Member?   Easy; one of two ways.   You can double your monthly donation amount from Founding Member status, whether student, senior, professional, etc.   Or just donate monthly at the appropriate Founding Member level, but then also donate time volunteering 100 hours annually helping protect and improve our world and humanity.  Up to half your donated time can be with other qualifying charities.  Remember that while this sounds like a lot, it is less than two hours a week!


Please contact us to learn more including how we might be able to help guide your volunteering.


How does your organization become a Founding Charter Member organization?  Like the individual Founding Charter Member, you can just double your monthly donation, pertinent to your organization.  Or just donate monthly at the appropriate Founding Member organization level, but then also coordinate with us in helping mobilize your organization's team, customers and all their families and friends, to donate time volunteering at "Founding Charter Member" levels in helping to protect and improve our world and humanity.  As with individual Founding Charter Members, half of donated time volunteering can be helping other qualifying charities.  


Do Beneficial Corporation employees and Certified Organizations "count" toward Founding Charter Membership?  Yes!  B Corp certification is to sustainable business what LEED certification is to green building or Fair Trade certification is to coffee.  They are certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  So B Corps are substantially aligned with the impending Humanity Certified™ program, with a few notable "additions that Humanity adds", like as an example, our also helping improve and expand inclusive capitalism.  B-Corp certified organizations and employees can "upgrade" from Founding Member to Founding Charter Member, by just a 50% increase in your monthly donation, or by your donating time volunteering just 50 hours annually (per individual membership) helping protect and improve our world and humanity.


Please contact us to learn more including how we can help you inspire, guide and grow your "Army of Volunteers for Humanity™".



          Welcome to Live for Humanity™!   Humanity Thanks You for Your Support!   Tell All Your Friends!




“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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