The Global Association & Coalition for Humanity is a non profit charity (in-formation) dedicated to helping ensure that each of us leaves the world a better place than when we came into it.  We want to enable everyone to both embrace this as part of their own life mission while empowering each and everyone around all of us, to also do this. 


We help advance education, research, scientific study and more furthering these goals.


We actively embrace teaming with a growing association & coalition of like-minded and like-spirited individuals, groups, governmental, non-governmental and private sector entities including other charities and associations, among many others.


We have quietly been doing this for decades.  The Global Association & Coalition for Humanity has its roots in “Good Works” from over half a century ago.  Our growing ranks of “Humanicapitalists”™, are dedicated to embracing different views, opinions and approaches, toward helping protect and improve the world, for all in it, including each and every human being now and forever.


We recognize that capitalism has been the fuel driving improving freedom, equity and more, around the globe.  It has helped well over 1 billion people to help themselves up by working out from poverty.  It has enabled an expanding list of countries around the world that have opened their arms to embrace others visiting them, doing business with them and even living, laughing and loving with them.  The world truly has advanced amazingly in just a relatively few short decades from all this.


But there have been and remain challenges.  Significant ones.


The Global Association & Coalition for Humanity believes that through open arms embracing dialogue and engagement with all, humanity itself can best pull everyone together, toward a shared vision for a better future for all.  For all alive today and those yet to be born.  And improving with each successive generation.   Forever.


We believe the opportunity is for humanity to team together, in helping define through example, an even better capitalism.  A new and improved capitalism.  A sustainable, inclusive capitalism.  One that is mindful of the planet and all in it, both now and for generations to come.  A capitalism with a conscience, guided by a balance of striving for both healthy and fair profit.  Profit that helps the capitalist thrive while enabling the planet and all in it to also thrive and flourish.  A capitalism that is mindful of its opportunity and responsibility.  A capitalism that actively encourages others to flourish through participation in capitalism, from micro lending to support of individual and small enterprise innovators and entrepreneurs, whether a mom and pop corner store, farmer or contract worker, local or even multi state small enterprise of all types.  A capitalism for humanity.  Sustainable, inclusive capitalism.


We are teaming with growing ranks of like minded and like spirited.  These already include efforts improving education, healthcare, energy, while advancing Impact Investing transforming finance and investing "for humanity", among more, now and ongoing.


The Global Association & Coalition for Humanity is underway teaming with a leading global certifying body, as the beginning of helping define the best process for a first ever certification program.  Humanity Certified™ will include opportunities for everyone to apply, whether a concerned and caring citizen for humanity, a business professional or entity of any type for humanity, or even a government agency or country for humanity.  Each will have the opportunity to apply for a robust education, support and ultimately genuine and meaningful, certification.

Embrace Different™ 

Live for Humanity

Global Association & Coalition for Humanity

Humanity Certified™ Non Profit Charity and Member of: the Global Association & Coalition for Humanity dba Live for Humanity and International Association of Humanity Financial Trust Management Groups.  

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