Live, Work, Laugh, Love for Humanity™


Live for Humanity™ is a growing Global Association & Coalition for people, companies, agencies, schools, churches, governments, charities and foundations, trade groups, unions, other associations and countless more, all aligned with a singular core Vision and Mission:


“I will live, work, laugh and love for humanity. How about you?™”


We know we're doing this well, as humanity and our world are better for our being here; each of us!


© 1980-2018 Global Association & Coalition for Humanity 501 c 3 (in-formation) dba Live for Humanity, and by licenses.  All Rights Reserved.

Embrace Different - By, For and With Humanity™

Much as Apple transformed themselves from withering away into the most valuable company on earth, beginning with their monumental"Think Different" campaign...


Humanity is transforming anew. Humanity is helping revolutionize education, healthcare, energy, finance and more - even capitalism; by, for and with humanity.

Much as Steve Jobs saw the world differently than most, while actively encouraging others do the same, Humanity sees a not too distant future, very different than today. A future of untold and changing opportunities, embraced by humanity rejoicing and thriving in this. A future of improving and expanding equity, unlocking genuine capacity for increasing wealth for all, in both economic and quality of life measures.


While Humanity actively embraces this future world vision, we're also teaming to build it, by helping revolutionize education, healthcare, energy, finance and even capitalism.


Through this, Humanity is cultivating further embracing and teaming, better shaping our shared futures and those of our children and their children, through pioneering approaches better empowering humanity-centric, humanity-driven and humanity inspired Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Consumers to success.


Our shared Humanity Opportunity is truly global. It is also truly attainable, and real.  Together we can ensure it.  But first we must embrace it.


Embrace Different - By, For and With Humanity,


Because meaningful change results from not doing the same thing the same way™.




Join the Revolution. Be part of history; Live for Humanity™ and Help Build Sustainable Inclusive Capitalism.

We Are For Humanity. How About You?™


Embrace Different™ 

Live for Humanity

Global Association & Coalition for Humanity

Humanity Certified™ Non Profit Charity and Member of: the Global Association & Coalition for Humanity dba Live for Humanity and International Association of Humanity Financial Trust Management Groups.  

 ©1980-2018 Global Association & Coalition for Humanity, Including By Licenses. All Rights Reserved.

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